Price Plans

The Academy provides a full range of instruction in painting using oils, coloured pencil, charcoal and white chalk and graphite.

The instructor will first provide some instruction, usually lasting about a half hour.  The student will then be allowed to practise what has been demonstrated.  During the remainder of the class, the instructor will periodically review the students work and provide suggestions for improvement.

Instruction is provided through one of two primary programs:


Private Lessons

Under this option, students can design a self-directed program.  Students can propose a specific piece of art that they would like to try.  Or students can request instruction in particular areas that are new to them (new techniques or new materials) or where they feel that their technique may be weak.  Students can bring in a piece that they have already started but are unsure how to proceed further or that reveals a weakness they have identified and would like to know how to correct. We recommend contacting us ahead of time to see if we can facilitate your needs.

$50 per class

Academic Program

This option provides a structured program involving a series of academic paintings of increasing complexity.  Each project typically requires several weeks to complete.

The first level of the program is done in graphite, the second level in charcoal and the final two levels are in oil.  Instruction includes a discussion of a variety of materials and elements of painting such as shape, edges, value, hue and chroma.

Classes are three hours in length, may include more than one student, organized monthly and paid for a month in advance.